We are currently working with the following businesses:

  1. Crane manufacturer for material handling.
  2. An industrial association in Mumbai.
  3. Motorized blinds and curtain systems.
  4. Fire chutes – emergency exit systems for high risers.
  5. SPA / Clubhouse – consulting and equipment (execution).
  6. Surveillance solutions (Access control, CCTV).
  7. Advertising agency.
  8. Signage and fabrications.
  9. HVAC systems.
  10. Leading wallpaper brand.
  11. Movable walls and partition.
  12. Automobile oils and lubricants.
  13. Digital printing – ISO certified company that is almost 50 years
  14. Content writing for Pharmaceutical companies

We have a policy not to work with our client’s competitors. Hence before signing with a company, we ensure they have relevant expertise to deliver what is expected.

This means, when we sell / promote, the end client can be rest assured of the quality, price and service.